About Us


Welcome to C Diamond Simmental Ranch!

We are thrilled you've dropped by our website to learn more about our Simmental seed stock program. Our ranch is a 4th and 5th generation owned and operated cattle ranch located in the rolling hills of south central North Dakota. As you page through our site we hope you find genetics that impress you with their overall balance and genetic excellence. We've spent many years meticulously breeding and assembling a Simmental cowherd that offers cutting edge progression to the Simmental breed. We welcome visitors to the ranch at any time to analyze our cattle and visit about Simmental genetics! One of the best parts of this business is the deep friendships and partnerships that have been created because of a common goal of raising quality Simmental cattle. We may be a bit biased, but we truly believe that we get to work and interact with the best purebred and commercial cattlemen in the world.

Our Mission

We truly are blessed to live and work in God's wide open spaces doing what we love. We believe in the livestock industry and will continue to strive to breed the best cattle that we possibly can. We invite you to visit more with us on our straight-forward approach to creating breed leading Simmental cattle!

Our Program

Our registered Simmental cowherd has rapidly grown over the past 10 years. We also operate a large commercial Simmental cowherd that compliments our goals with the registered cows very nicely. We utilize the tools of artificial insemination and embryo transplant quite extensively. All of our embryos are implanted in our commercial cowherd and/or are bred to C Diamond raised bulls. We understand very clearly both sides of the registered/commercial programs because of our daily involvement in both. All of our bulls and heifers are ultrasounded for carcass traits and have been for many years. Ultrasound has been a useful tool to locate our top carcass genetics moving forward. Our bulls are marketed through a joint production sale with our close friends, Wilkinson Farms Simmentals, the second Wednesday in February. Semi loads of feeder steers are marketed directly off the farm from November through February.

Our Philosophy

We truly believe that successful bloodlines start at the very basics. A mother cow that has a trouble free foot and leg structure and a sound udder to ensure longevity is of utmost importance. There is nothing more disappointing than to have a 4 or 5 year old cow that may have the phenotype, EPD profile, and production records that we strive for but has a foot or udder issue that requires us to move her out of the registered cow herd. Herd Sires are under even higher scrutiny because of the huge impact they have in moving our genetics in a positive direction. Sires are evaluated on structural and hoof soundness, pedigree, dam production records, individual EPD potential and eye appeal. With all that being said, we passionately believe in producing animals that are appealing visually and at the forefront of EPD and genetic progress.

Our Genetics

One of the cornerstones of our program is the great Hook's Shear Force 38K. Shear Force lived and walked the pastures at C Diamond from a yearling until his death in 2011. You will see his influence extensively throughout our pedigrees. His unique combination of calving ease, carcass traits and maternal power has left a behind a legacy not only within our cowherd but within the Simmental breed. Another sire that has quickly made a name for himself in a few short years is the WS Beef King bull. His progeny exhibit breed leading performance and powerful expression of muscle with eye appeal. HSF High Roller is another sire that has seen extensive use, his outcross pedigree and breed leading maternal and calving ease traits have not gone unnoticed.

Our Crew

Neil and Carmen not only operate a large cow calf operation but keep quite busy raising their large family of 13 children. Everybody has their different area of interest and expertise within the operation. Oldest son Chris manages the registered and commercial cowherds with the help of younger brother Wes. Neil is in charge of the farming side of things and is Mr Fix It, while Carmen is the business manager, lunch maker, cattle chaser, yard keeper, and MOM! Neil's father Wes and wife Millie are also part of the daily workforce, whether running for parts or helping get grandkids to and from their many activities.